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Additional Services

  • - Website design/Graphics/etc.
  • - Video and Audio editing/File conversion
  • - Video and Audio Production Services
    1. - Video Editing/File Conversion (yours or ours)
      A. Video Files
          1. Convert from MPEG1/2 to DVD (.vob)
            (Standard DVD Quality) $5.00 per 1 min. of video (unlabeled)
                                                  $6.00 per 1 min. of video (labeled)
          2. Convert from MPEG1/2 to WMV (For "youTube" or "myspace"
                                                  $5.00 a min. of video
          3. Convert other formats - ($6.00 per minute of video)

      B. Complete Video Production Services
          1. We will make a High Quality, semi-edited video w/ digital Dolby Stereo
               for only $30.00 per hour recording fee.
              (includes 1 set of DVD Discs made in an MPEG2 format semi-edited
                for wide-screen viewing)
           2. Convert from MPEG1/2 to standard DVD file format
               and make 1 DVD copy
                         $8.00 per hour of video (unlabeled)
                         $10.00 per hour of video (labeled)

Questions about our Video Services? Just fill out the form below and our Photographer will contact you personally.

We will get back to you right away.

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Home Pricing Ordering Options Terms and Conditions