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No Spam Allowed !  Manage your e-mail campaigns legally and do NOTSPAM !

The rules are simple.
Billings are sent out in advance. We do quarterly billings. Example....we send out the invoice for the 1st quarter of a year on Dec. 15th of the previous year. The invoice is due January 1st to pay for the 1st quarter of Jan., Feb., and March. ALL BILLINGS ARE DUE UP-FRONT AND NOT PAST DUE.

If you SPAM, you're site will be shut down for 3 days. If you spam again, we delete your account and you forfeit all services that we owe you.

If you are accused of "SPAM" and a investigation finds you at fault - any or all of the following may be applied to you:
  • Your account will be immediately terminated, without notice.
  • Charged a fee of $200 per day for our downtime and potential lost signups.
  • We will pursue damages to the full extent allowed by law.
  • Report you to your service provider as a spammer, where they will most likely terminate your account as well.
  • Report you to the proper authorities or organizations.

If you practice ethical marketing strategies, you will have no problem with these rules. They are in place to protect you, the responsible marketer.

If you think you've been SPAMMED, please include the questionable material (eg. a copy of the spam) and any other important details you think may help.

If you wish to cancel your account with us, send an email requesting cancelation. All charges for website services will stop upon receipt of your email. No email, no stopping of billing. You are responsible for timely cancelation of your account.

Home Pricing Ordering Forms Terms and Conditions