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Information on Websbestdomain's Webhosting Services

WEBSBESTDOMAIN.COM is PROUD to offer the following services to Individuals, Musicians, Small Businesses, Groups and Entrepreneurs who want to promote themselves and/or sell their goods and services to the general public by advertising on the Internet using their own Professional Website. These Services are:

1. HOST your existing website (Unmanaged).
2. BUILD you a new website or Re-build your existing Website.
3. MONTHLY MANAGEMENT and HOSTING of your Website.
4. PROVIDE Additional Resources and Services.

What should your Website be like? How much is too much?

YOUR Website/s should be as professional and business like as possible, describing your Products or Services on the front page. Your website should load fairly quickly on slower Internet connections and should not use 3rd Party software resources that can take your Viewers away from your site. You should have your own software resources that are easy to use, looks impressive to your customers/clients, Informs and keeps them on YOUR Website and is easy to maintain.

ALSO, our opinion is that many site developers use TOO much 'FLASH' type programming and although quite impressive sometimes, it usually does nothing for the Original Objective. 'Search Engines' need to know who you are and what you do, and use coding in your front page so your viewers can find you via 'Key Words'. Search Engines can't read all 'FLASH' or 'PHOTO' pages, so you don't get found as easily. Also, 'FLASH' and 'PHOTO' pages that have printed text in it can't be edited, but must be re-created for each change, adding to the cost and time required to maintain your Website.

We at WEBSBESTDOMAIN use various types of software code, including some 'FLASH', software where applicable, to optimize your site so you get the best advertising value for your dollar spent. All of the WEBSITES that we create are 'Custom Built' and use our OWN 'Co-Located' and 'Leased' (Unix based) 'Dedicated' Servers that have a +99.9 percent up time record Online.

Websbestdomain DOES NOT use Software Programs that create websites automatically, so your site is less cluttered, will usually run faster and is easier to maintain. Also, we provide most or all of the software resources you need or would like to use, WITHOUT the need to use any '3rd Party' Software resources.


Many companies offering 'FREE' Webhosting Services make their money by selling your personal information, cluttering up your website with unwanted advertising, excessive 'POP-UPS', and/or forcing your Customers, Clients and Fans to install 'tracking software' called 'COOKIES' on their computers.

Cookies are small software programs that are stored on your computer whose main purpose is to track your brouseing activities when you go to different Websites other than the one you are at, so you can return to your original site. Cookies can also store your passwords, allow Online Banking, etc., without having to re-enter any data on the sites you go to often.

Unfortunately, many 'Free' or 'Inexpensive' Website providers allow their 'Paying' clients to add cookies on their Server that can follow you around as you surf the Internet, collecting information about where you go that can be used or sold to other marketeers.

What a price to pay just to play audio or video files or to see whats on your website!

Some other Website Hosting Providers even charge you to use other 'Basic' services they provide. They may also send your Website viewers to 'THIRD PARTY' Websites to use their resources (under additional terms and conditions), thus making up for the 'FREE' website hosting space.

Some Website Host Providers let other advertisers try to 'SCARE' you into buying their products, by having questionable messages pop up, on YOUR SITE, then pretend to download a program even if you attempt to close out the POP-UP!!

It turns out that 'FREE' or 'CHEAP' Website Hosting may NOT really be a bargain at all if it turns a customer or client away, which could cost you many times the small monthly cost of having a PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE.

Below are some of the Service Plans We are Proud to offer


For those who work on their own websites and/or have their own Webmaster, we offer clutter free 'UN-MANAGED' Website Hosting that comes with many 'basic' software scrips you can use. In Addition to providing E-mail accounts that match your website name, we provide our customers with some of our own proprietary software resources to use, including our streaming audio and video Software, to keep your Website viewers from having to leave your site to hear or see your audio and video clips.

At WEBSBESTDOMAIN we DO NOT put third party advertising, pop-ups or cookies on your site without your permission, and we NEVER sell your personal information.


WEBSBESTDOMAIN will Build you a NEW deluxe 'CUSTOM' WEBSITE or give your 'EXISTING' website a new look. This Option, (valued at over $700.00), is available whether you host with us or not, at our LOW special prices.

WEBSBESTDOMAIN takes Pride in providing the BEST 'Service and Support' team for our Customers and Satisfaction is GUARENTEED or your money back!


This is one of our MOST POPULAR services that we have to offer at our INCREDABLY LOW additional monthly MANAGEMENT charge.

We will build you a new website for FREE when you sign up for our 'MANAGED WEBSITE HOSTING'

NEED Additional Resources and Services?

ALL of our Webhosting Services will fit most Business's Needs & Budgets, and can be customized if required. Video and Audio Recording and Editing services are also available
(call for details)

At WEBSBESTDOMAIN.COM our Motto is: "YOU do what you do best, and WE do what we do best"

We also offer Video and Audio Production Services also. Click Here to view details.

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